General Feature & Amenities


Structural Features : 
• Total foundation and super structure design and supervision by experienced professional engineers. 
•  Structural design parameters are based on American Concrete Institute (ACI), American Standerd Institute of Testing Materials (ASTM) and Bangladesh National Building Code (BNBC). 
•  All structural materials including cement, steel, bricks, stone chips, sand and other materials are of good standerd and screened for quality including laboratory testing. 
•  Structure adequately capable of withstanding earth quakes of 7.5 on Richter scale and cyclone wind upto 250 km/hr.

Kitchen Feature :
•  Best quality local (RAK/Fu-Wang/CBC/Dhaka-Shanghai) tiles will be provided in walls upto 7' height from floor.
•  Gray suit mosaic will be provided in floor.
•  Double burner gas outlet .
•  Stainless steel counter top sink . 
•  Probision for exhaust fan . 
•  Concrete shelves will be made at 2.5 feet height from the floor.

Bathroom Feature : 
•  All water lines will be conceleated . 
•  Provision for hot and cold water line and electric geyser at master bath 
•  Best quality local Best quality local (RAK/Fu-Wang/CBC/Dhaka-Shanghai) tiles will be provided in walls and floor . 
•  All commodes, pan, basin will be of BISF/RAK standerd . 
•  Bathroom door frame and shutter will be PVC door. 
•  All sanitary fittings will best quality local . 
•  Mirror in all bathrooms .

Electrical : 
•  All wiring with standerd cables through conceal PVC conduits . 
•  All switch sockets will be imported standerd quality type . 
•  Provision with power points for air condition in master bed & child bed .

Paint : 
•  Plastic on internal wall, distemper on ceiling and external walls with water based paint (Snowcem) .

General Features :

•  Heavy secured entrance gate with decorative lamps and acrylic logo of the complex. 
•  Main body, Reception area and Guard room with concierge desk with personal mail box. 
•  Foreign standerd lift .
•  Standby generator for operating in case of power failure

•  One lift 
• Water pump 
•  Lighting in common space and stair 
• One light and one fan in each flat

•  Secured and coverd car parking space . 
•  Elaborate intercom system to connect each flat to the concigerge desk . 
•  Startegically located fire extinguisher . 
•  Driver waiting room with toilet . 
•  Community space and prayer room at roof top . 
•  Electricity supply 220/440 volt from PDB/DESCO source with separate main cable and LT panel/Distribution board . 
• Extra treatment will be taken on roof top to protect heat . 
• Underground water resivoir to accommodate two days consumption . 
• At partition walls will be of 5" 1st class brick . 

Door :
• Main entrance door will be made of solid chittagong Teak with frame with cheak viewer safety lock & flat number . 
• All other door shutter will be partex/Veneer flush door expect bathrooms . 
• All door frames will be made of Mahogoni/Shikorai wood expect main entrance and bathrooms .

Floor : 
•  Best quality local tiles (RAK/Fu-Wang/CBC/Dhaka-Shanghai) or white situ will be provided in floors expect kitchen .

Windows : 
• Sliding aluminium 3" window frame with 5mm clear glass . 
• Standerd safety grills in all windows with matching enamel paint . 




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